Looking Back with Gratitude… Excited About Moving Forward

The crew at BABS Bone Broth is thrilled to announce that we have officially moved on to the next stage of our business growth, with exciting visions on the horizon. We couldn’t have done it without help from so many amazing people, who we would like to thank here. And we have this video to share with you that is the perfect bridge between the early days of our journey and what lies ahead with our new adventure.

Thanks to All Who Helped Us Get Started

Our deepest and most sincere gratitude goes to everyone who was there with BABS Bone Broth from the beginning.

Kitchen Republic made our startup enterprise possible, giving us a rental space where we could cook and experiment with our products. We thank them for all their help and wise advice, as well as the good times we had there getting our fledgling business out of the nest and into flight. They get our highest recommendation for other companies like ours working to get off the ground.

We also give kudos to Buitengewone Varkens, where we bought our first pork bones. It’s important to us that we obtain our ingredients from the most impeccable sources, like this local farm. The animals there are raised in a healthy atmosphere, kept happy their entire lives, and are always treated with the respect and dignity they deserve as part of our cycle of life.

Chef Georgie at Vanderveen in Amsterdam, our favorite restaurant, was instrumental in bringing our delicious bone broth to the public. At his bar and kitchen on Beethovenstraat, he created simple but tasty dishes with our pork bone broth that let the flavor and quality shine through. We are proud to have been part of his culinary designs and look forward to sampling more of his fantastic food.

Ready to See More Dreams Come True

Now that we are moving forward to the next phase of our development, BABS Bone Broth has many exhilarating changes in the works and many new goals and dreams.

We have moved into a professional industrial facility in order to scale up our bone broth production. This allows us to take advantage of industrial cooking equipment and larger simmering kettles to make the broth more efficiently and in bigger batches.

Our team is always growing, so it’s nice to know we have the capacity to accommodate them at the new place. And we are expanding our network of biological farmers in the Netherlands too. Their sustainable farming methods and soil management contribute to the top quality of BABS Bone Broth and are essential to our philosophy about producing food that is as environmentally conscious as it is nutritious.

Our 4 Key Beliefs Remain the Same

No matter how big we become, BABS Bone Broth will never compromise on the four key beliefs that have guided us from the start.

1. Clean label production: We make our products according to clean label principles. Transparency about what our customers eat is of prime importance.

2. Local ingredients: We only use ingredients from local, certified farmers. We believe the products we make are a reflection of their original sources.

3. Knowledge and health: We put health at the top of our game. We produce only functional food and share valuable knowledge about the power of food.

4. Organic and natural: All of our ingredients are real. We don’t use concentrates, extracts, artificial flavorings, or preservatives.

Be Sure to Follow Us on Our New Website

As part of our transformation, BABS Bone Broth created a new website which is now live. Please follow us there and on our social media accounts. We will be posting a series of videos, about the lifestyle of the animals from which our broth is derived and about how we make bone broth in our new facility.

The website is also full of great information, with blog posts, recipes, and much more for you to enjoy. Of course, customers will be able to order bone broth there, taking advantage of our bulk options and loyalty club.

We eagerly welcome the next chapter in our mission to bring the world the best bone broth ever!

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