BABS BOOK: Art of Nutrition

Based on solid science and research, Diet: A Prescribed Way of Life, by author & food producer Barbara Rubin. builds a cohesive, tested concept for healthy eating that will keep you looking great and give you true vitality and a real appetite for life.

Through Rubin’s personal experiences and observations, examples, humorous anecdotes, and practical advice, you’ll discover the power of food as a tool for healing and learn how to translate this power to your plate. She offers clear explanations and full analyses of the issues, which not only focus on aducating, but also on ensuring you enjoy the best life possible. She discusses that food isn’t just medicine. It’s the life source, and it’s important to understand every part of the process – from the soil your food is grown in, to the way it’s cared for, and how it is processed.

DIET: A Prescribed Way of Life presents a transformed perspective on food and nutrition, giving you the knowlegde you need to make well-informed choice about your diet. It shows how everyting is the rusult of a consciously selected and consistently practiced lifestyle – the best way to keep you body working as it should.

The rules of healthy eating are actually quite clear and simple. Our health is a direct reflection of our lifestyle, and diet is its most important factor. Our diet should thus consist of nutritious, organic food, raised and produced in a natural and responsible way, without genetic modifications or toxic chemicals.

There is No way that genetically modified crops raised using tons of chemical substances or factory-farmed animals pumped full of hormones and antibiotics could provide healthy raw materials for producing food, which, in turn, is further processed, pasteurized, irradiated, dyed, hardened, ground up, and filled with “enhancers,” fragrances, and added preservatives. It’s not possible for this system to produce something good or beneficial for us to eat.

We can’t eat such junk and then fill in the gaps with synthetic vitamins and artificial supplements of everything these unsafe foods lack. That’s not the right way to achieve truly radiant health. Providing individual nutrients to our body separately completely misses the mark!

I strongly believe that the more we know about health and the relationship between our bodies and what we eat, the more empowered we are to live healthy, happy, fulfilling lives. 

Food should not be a dire problem, in which all the joy in our meals comes hand in hand with a fear of obesity or anxiety over introducing the toxins it holds into our bodies. We shouldn’t let food become an obsession. Eating should be a pleasure and a joy, not a punishment.

The challenge for each of us is to determine an individual, healthy, optimal diet that will meet all our needs and expectations, but which will not ruin our lives or become an onerous burden. It also shouldn’t transform us into neurotic diet freaks or breathless fanatics driving ourselves, our family and friends to madness. Food should never be associated with worry, oppressive obligation or anxiously weighing yourself on the scale.

It should be a source of pleasure and joy; the conscious, wise provision of what we need and deserve. No diet should devolve into obsessively counting calories or pounds, or become a permanent source of stress. Our ideal, individual diet will come slowly, through keen observation of ourselves, our lifestyle and our physical activity.

Barbara Rubin is a specialist in maintaining optimal health and physical fitness. She is a certified trainer, nutrition coach, holistic lifestyle coach and a food producer  (clean label; Head of Production) and owner BABS Bone Broth. Rubin enjoys traveling, reading, and spending quality time with close friends, family, and her two dogs. She lives in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

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