designed by Barbara Rubin

We will give you powerful tools to
change your eating habits by simply
introducing you to a system that works!

A powerful program based on clean food principles

Our 5-Day Reset is an easy way to support gut health because it takes less than a week, and you’ll still eat tasty food. It’s great for anyone who needs a jump start for weight loss, wants to smooth out digestive issues, or is interested in experiencing the powerful benefits of clean eating without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

break addiction to

Sugar & carbs



reset body





High in collagen

With just 5 days of your time and a few simple lifestyle changes, our exclusive program will help you develop healthy new eating habits and hit a refresh button on life.

Are you ready to step up to the challenge?

Ready to get started?

5 Day Reset E-Book

Program without Bone Broth

  • No Bone Broth included: you need at least 12 x 500 ml Bone Broth Collagen
  • E-Book:
  • Valuable knowledge about the power of food
  • Clean Food Recipes
  • Post-reset recipes
  • Chicken Bone Broth recipe
  • Shopping list
  • Daily Protocol

5 Day Reset E-Book + Bone Broth

Program with Babs Bone Broth

  • 18 x 500 ml Babs Bone Broth bundle during and after the 5 Day Reset Program
  • E-Book:
  • Valuable knowledge about the power of food
  • Clean Food Recipes
  • Post-reset recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Daily Protocol
  • 30 min introduction CALL

Why customers love our broths

Your age and level of experience are irrelevant, what matters most is yourcommitment and desire for change.

“I designed the 5-day Reset Program to get you off the blood sugar rollercoaster that causes cravings. It is low in carbs and sugar and it’s packed withnutrients that sweep out toxins, and brings back that coveted youthful glow,improved digestion, more energy and an overall sense of wellness and vitality. With a focus on bone broth collagen, the 5 Day Reset Protocol will make youfeel slimmer, younger, energizer, and get you back on a healthy track. I offer you a sensible, approachable weight-loss solution that allows you to takecontrol of your healthy eating patterns. It’s time to take massive action!”

– Barbara Rubin | founder Babs Nourishing Food Company, C.h.e.k., autor, medical cook, personal trainer

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