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Every food choice we make, including where we source our food from, dictates how we experience life.

Healing Power of Food

Hey, There! We are BABS – your Bone Broth producer. We believe society has come to accept a standard of modern health that isn’t truly good for us. We may eat our veggies and go to the gym, but we’re still stressed. We still have headaches, digestive problems, feel sluggish most of the time. Over time, we come to accept these symptoms as ‘normal.’ Settling with this standard isn’t just unhealthy; it’s a way of robbing ourselves of reaching our true potential and living a fulfilling, joyful, authentic life.

We believe if we just understood more about the healing power of food – if more people could experience it themselves – we’d stop settling when it comes to our health.

That’s why bringing back food that heals has been so important to us as producers.

Our Mission

Food has great potential to heal. Every culture and every era has known this, despite how buried this truth appears to be within our busy, convenience-driven modern culture.

Our mission is to bring back the goodness of traditional, whole foods and cooking methods, returning healing foods to the table. We want to re-introduce food that is clean, locally-sourced, ethical, and sustainable – and profoundly delicious. But we aren’t just reviving the old ways. We’re blending the traditional arts of cooking with the modern science of nutrition to bring you food that nourishes deeply.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer traditional foods that you’ll fall in love with. Every product we make is designed to be both food as medicine and food that you can experience – these are food products that you can easily cook with however you want, seamlessly adding them to your daily routine, enriching your diet and offering your body a wealth of nutrition. All of this, without sacrificing flavor, or your time.

Through this, we hope to educate people on the healing power of food. Our vision is for everyone to develop a deeper knowledge of what food is and what it can truly do for our health. One of our foundational beliefs is that the more people understand the relationship between our bodies and what we eat, the more empowered we all are to live healthy, happy, fulfilling lives!

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What are the best ways to consume bone broth?

You can sip warmed bone broth as it is adding a little bit of sea salt. To add flavor, simmer ginger, fresh garlic, scallions, rosemary, cayenne, or any other herbs and spices you want in the broth. Season with sea salt and pepper and fresh lemon and enjoy.

With Babs Pure, go ahead and add it to coffee, smoothies, homemade collagen gummy bears, and any other recipes you want to try, including baked goods and desserts. Babs Pure is unflavored, so it won’t impact the taste.

Babs Beef Bone Broth, Fish Bone Broth, Pork Bone Broth, and Chicken Bone Broth all make a delicious base for pho, chili, ramen, stews, and any dishes you want to enhance with rich flavor and healthy collagen protein.

How is Babs Bone Broth different from the bone broth at the grocery store?

We only use high-quality bones from organically raised, grass-fed animals and wild-caught fish. Then we slow-cook our broth. Conventional brands generally use a blend of low-quality bones and paste. They also use high heat, which is why you won’t see all the gelatin or end up with all the amino acids that real bone broth has.

Our broth has a higher nutrient density and no antibiotics, hormones, or other ingredients you don’t want to put in your body. It contains 10 to 20 grams of protein for every 100 mL, compared to 0.5 to 2.5 grams per 100 mL for the broths you buy at the grocery store.

When is a good time to drink bone broth?

Whenever you like to have a satisfying snack or meal, you can have bone broth. Some people drink a cup between meals for a nutritious snack. Consider making it a part of your healthy morning ritual — a tablespoon or two in your coffee will help to keep you energized and focused.

You can also consume bone broth in a smoothie or drink a cup of warm bone broth after working out. This is a great way to provide your body with protein and other nutrients to support muscle recovery.

What is collagen?

The main nutrient in bone broth is collagen, which is a protein that our body uses almost everywhere. We need plenty of collagen for healthy bones, teeth, and joints, as well as for our hair, skin, and nails. Natural collagen production starts to decline around age 25, which is why eating collagen-rich foods like bone broth can be so important for overall wellness.

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