Hey, There!
I’m Babs.

I believe society has come to accept a standard of modern health that isn’t truly good for us. We may eat our veggies and go to the gym, but we’re still stressed. We still have headaches, digestive problems, feel sluggish most of the time. Over time, we come to accept these symptoms as ‘normal.’

Settling with this standard isn’t just unhealthy; it’s a way of robbing ourselves of reaching our true potential and living a fulfilling, joyful, authentic life.

I’m almost 50 years old, and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been – not just fit but full of energy and joy, contentment and gratitude. I look pretty much the same as I did over a decade ago. I feel amazing, and bone broht has been one of the keys to my transformation.

What I’ve uncovered about food over the years, including 20 years as a health coach and chef of culinary medicine, is that food isn’t just for physical health. It’s essential to being able to live fully and embrace life holistically. Now it’s time to share what I’ve learned with you.

Together with my daughter Paulina, the creative soul behind Babs, we are on a mission to bring back traditional healing food to your kitchen table with our artisanal food products.

Every food choice we make, including where we source our food from, dictates how we experience life. I believe if we just understood more about the healing power of food – if more people could experience it themselves – we’d stop settling when it comes to our health. That’s why bringing back food that heals has been so important to be. I want to create that bridge from where you are today to where you can be. I want to help you get back your trust, joy, and love of food.

With love,

Barbara Rubin, author, chef of culinary medicine, C.H.E.K. coach

Babs Mission

Food has great potential to heal. Every culture and every era has known this, despite how buried this truth appears to be within our busy, convenience-driven modern culture.

Our mission is to bring back the goodness of traditional, whole foods and cooking methods, returning healing foods to the table. We want to re-introduce food that is clean, locally-sourced, ethical, and sustainable – and profoundly delicious. But we aren’t just reviving the old ways. We’re blending the traditional arts of cooking with the modern science of nutrition to bring you food that nourishes deeply.

Babs Vission

Our vision is to offer traditional foods that you’ll fall in love with. Every product we make is designed to be both food as medicine and food that you can experience – these are food products that you can easily cook with however you want, seamlessly adding them to your daily routine, enriching your diet and offering your body a wealth of nutrition. All of this, without sacrificing flavor, or your time.

Through this, we hope to educate people on the healing power of food. Our vision is for everyone to develop a deeper knowledge of what food is and what it can truly do for our health. One of our foundational beliefs is that the more people understand the relationship between our bodies and what we eat, the more empowered we all are to live healthy, happy, fulfilling lives!