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Strong Body, Future-Proofed

Experience BABS Strength and Mobility sessions, guided by Barbara Rubin’s 30+ years of expertise in movement and clean eating.

Complete Babs Fitness Solutions

Discover a comprehensive approach to your fitness journey with tailored programs and personal training that cater to your specific needs. From sustainable weight loss solutions and muscle-building workouts to holistic nutrition guidance and enhanced mobility exercises, achieve your fitness goals while improving overall wellbeing and functionality.








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Discover custom programs lasting 4, 6, or 8 weeks and personal training packages designed to boost your fitness journey. With expert guidance, improve your endurance, strength, and mobility.

What Babs Offers:

Tailored Programs for your Success

Choose your journey

Schedule a 15-minute call to delve into details or clear up any questions.

Personal Training Location

Personal training sessions take place at Sportcity in Amstelveen. Upon request, sessions can also be held in Amsterdam at no additional cost. Outdoor sessions are also available in the Amsterdamsbos.

Daycare Facility

Enjoy peace of mind during your workout with our on-site daycare facility, ensuring you can always prioritize your fitness routine.

Convenient Parking

Plenty of parking is provided at the gym, ensuring hassle-free access to your training sessions.

Babs' Blueprint

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness

Functional Personal Trainer

Babs’ holistic fitness approach prioritizes improved movement for a strong, youthful body now and in the future. Tailored workouts enhance strength, balance, and flexibility.

Ancient Nutrition

Babs champions ancient nutrition and movement for peak health. Wholesome foods nourish, while varied movement practices foster vitality and resilience.

Our goal is to encourage healthy eating and enjoyable exercise both inside and outside the gym, promoting active lifestyles through daily choices and hobbies.

Food science

Babs, renowned bone broth producer, offers unparalleled expertise in food science and wellness. With her premium bone broth collagen, elevate your workouts and lifestyle for peak performance.


Babs highlights the significance of mindset in achieving holistic wellness. With her guidance, cultivate a resilient mindset alongside physical strength for a balanced and thriving life.

Get to Know Your Trainer: Barbara

"Unlock your body's power. With BABS BONE BROTH, resilience, and movement, thrive beyond limits. Join us in shaping a life of resilience and well-being." - Barbara Rubin, co-founder BABS

Barbara Rubin - Your Mentor, Your Guide

“Many of us strive for health by eating our veggies and going to the gym, yet often we’re left feeling stressed, sluggish, and unwell, mistakenly thinking these issues are just part of life. We’re all caught up in our busy lives, not fully realizing the importance of our food and exercise choices on our overall well-being and happiness.

That’s why we created BABS BONE BROTH and BABS FIT. These projects aim to guide you from your current state to a vibrant level of health that might seem out of reach. Our mission is straightforward: to help you enjoy a diet filled with organic, whole foods and to discover the joy of exercising beyond the conventional gym setting—encouraging more active moments throughout your day, like choosing stairs over elevators or engaging in a physical hobby you love.

At BABS, we want to offer a range of exercise options that inspire and motivate you, turning movement into a celebration of what your body can do. Let’s shift our perspective and adopt a lifestyle where nutritious eating and enjoyable physical activities become our new standard.”

– Barbara Rubin | founder Babs Nourishing Food Company, C.h.e.k., autor, medical cook, personal trainer

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