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We gebruiken een oud, traditioneel recept om ervoor te zorgen dat je geniet van een hartige, smakelijke bouillon die op zichzelf kan worden genoten (als een kopje thee/koffie) of die als basis voor soepen, sauzen en andere recepten dient. Er zijn geen hormonen noch antibiotica of additieven – alleen van nature eenvoudige goedheid, gefilterd water en de beste ingrediënten. Al onze bouillons zijn vrij van zuivel en soja, vrij van GMO en MSG. Geschikt voor een Keto en Paleo levensstijl. LAAG IN ZOUT.

  • 14.8 gr. eiwit/collageen per 100 ml
  • Bio buitenkip uit Flevoland
  • Gefilterd water als basis
  • Glazen pot van 440 ml
  • Houdbaarheid van 5 maanden
  • Bewaar in de koelkast
  • Consumeer binnen vijf dagen na opening

Op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)


BIO/ Buitenkip karkassen uit Flevoland, ui, wortel, selderij, prei, knoflook, foeli, lavas wortel, peterselie, tijm, laurier, pimentbessen, appelazijn, Keltisch zeezout, gefilterd water. 

Voedingswaarden per 100 mLEnergie/Engergy | kj/kcal – 459/110; Eiwitten/ Protein – 14,9 g; Koolhydraten/ Carbohydrates – 1,9 g; Suikers/ Sugars – 1,0 g; Vetten/ Fats – 4,5 g; Waarvan verzadigde vetten/of which saturated – 1,1 g; Voedingsvezel/ Fibre – 0,9 g; Zout/ Salt – 0,3 g

  • Sip as a warm, nourishing broth to soothe your body from the inside out
  • Our broths are low in salt – add your favorite sea or mountain salt and herbs. Everyting is possible!
  • Add to soups as a base
  • Use as a gelatin binder
  • Perfect for Ramen/ Pho
  • Substitute for water in recipes for rice dishes, homemade breads, etc.

Because our Bone Broth is made with natural ingredients and no additives, it can appear to ‘gel’ when cold. That’s a good thing! That means it is a powerhouse source of collagen and other nutrients.

To get your bone broth ready to drink, warm at a low to medium temperature. When it’s warm, you can sip, mix, blend, and savor in its liquid form.

You can drink it every day if you want. Here are some suggestions based on your health goals:

  • For overall wellness – Drink about four cups a week.
  • To give your hair, skin, and nails a boost of collagen that you can see – Drink one cup a day.
  • For joint pain relief – Try two to three cups a day.
  • To support a healthy gut – Two cups a day will promote healthy digestion and reduced inflammation.
  • For weight loss and muscle-building – Drink four cups a day.

100% organic chicken bones are simmered up to 24 hours in filtered water.

  • HIGH-PROTEIN BROTH: Our Gelatine Broth has the highest protein in the Netherlands! 14.8 gram per 100 ml. 1 jar has approximately 70 gram of pure protein.
  • GOOD BONES. We only use bones from small Dutch farmers who raise their animals responsibly. No hormones, no antibiotics. Just sunshine, green meadows, and fresh air.
  • FILTERED WATER. Unlike standard supermarket brands, we use a one-to-one ratio of purified water to the broth’s other ingredients. As a result, we get a phenomenally collagen-rich, nutrients-dens broth.
  • ORGANIC VEGETABLES. All our vegetables and herbs are sourced from small, local organic or biodynamic farms to ensure the best flavor. These farmers have a deep respect for nature – and it’s a difference you can taste.
  • NOTHING ADDED, NOTHING REMOVED. Every ingredient we add to the pot is natural, whole, and thoughtfully sourced. Zero preservatives, artificial ingredients, or shortcuts!


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