When sipping a mug of steaming bone broth or cooking with this golden liquid, you might be doing far more than giving your body a wealth of nutrients. You may be tapping into Nature’s own elixir of life.

You see, it’s not just the amino acids, the vitamins and minerals, and all that wonderful collagen that makes bone broth deeply nourishing. It’s the process itself — the way authentic bone broth is prepared — that yields a substance worthy of the title.

The truth is, bone broth is not your typical health-food trend. It’s more important than that. This is something you can use as the foundation of health and longevity.

Let’s look at the ancient roots of the term elixir and explore why bone broth is sometimes called the elixir of eternal life.

What Is the Elixir of Life?

Today, we think of an elixir as a sort of magic potion. The problem is, most people don’t believe in magic! As such, most of us overlook the healing power of true elixirs found in nature.

If you peel away the modern perceptions and assumptions about what food can and cannot do and look purely at the facts, we do, indeed, have an elixir in bone broth. And wow does it taste good!

“The elixir of life is like the fountain of youth. It’s a liquid that sustains life, maybe even extends it.”

And whether you look at the ancient Chinese alchemists seeking an elixir to grant eternal youth or the story of the 16th-century Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, who traveled across the Atlantic seeking mystical healing waters, the theme is the same: a restorative liquid exists  you just have to know what to look for to recognize it.

To Find the Elixir, Look at What All Life Is Made From

When I was researching my book, Diet: A Prescribed Way of Life, I uncovered a fantastic backstory for elixirs.

The term elixir comes from the Arabic word al-iksir, which means essence or “water of life.” When someone drinks the elixir of life or immortality, they are given eternal youth. Other writings say the elixir cures all diseases.

Either way, an elixir is something that supports health, protects against illness, and may even provide beauty and anti-aging benefits as well. Bone broth does all of these things.

And when you dive into what the essence of life actually is, you can see even more clearly why protein-rich bone broth is the perfect elixir.

The essence of life, the stuff that makes up all living creatures — it’s protein.

Proteins are the building blocks of life. Every cell in your body contains proteins. They are also what your body uses to repair itself and regenerate.

But there’s more. Proteins also protect our genetic code, our DNA. The blueprint for every creature on this planet is packed up tightly and stored by proteins.

But, to truly nourish the body, you want protein that comes directly from the source — from bone and bone marrow. This is how you can get a diversity of amino acids and proteins, as well as other nutrients, to help your body continually regenerate, heal, and thrive.

Bone Is the Best Source of Our Building Blocks

When you drink a cup of bone broth each day, you’re giving your body what it needs to nourish and restore itself down to the cellular level.

The tradition of using bone to heal goes back centuries. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, “bone” symbolizes our roots, ancestry, and original essence. As such, it can be used to restore depleted “life essence” as the body ages.

As we get older, it’s believed that we lose some of our inborn vitality — or life essence. We might move more slowly. Our hair and skin may thin and lose their luster. Joints may ache. The digestive system may not work as efficiently as it once did. And we may get sick more easily than we did when we were kids.

So, what can we turn to, to restore some of what we have lost?

According to Chinese Medicine, the answer is bone. And to benefit from all the healing properties of bone, we need to get its essence, which happens when we slow-cook it in water with vinegar, vegetables, and herbs, to create the modern-day elixir of life.

The Alchemy of Bone Broth

Making bone broth involves the process of taking all these raw materials of the earth — bone, bone marrow, vegetables, and herbs — and transforming them into the “golden liquid.” We slowly cook all the ingredients in water to draw out the nutrients.

When we make bone broth, we’re literally infusing the essence of bone — the building blocks of the human body — into liquid form. Drink it, and your body has a broth that offers everything it needs to repair and restore cells, replenish systems, and reset your health.

Drink to Your Health

Bone broth has all the properties of an elixir of life. It boosts your immune system. It provides beauty benefits through its collagen content. And it restores all the way down to the cellular level.

If you’re looking for something to improve your health, increase vitality, and revitalize every cell in your body, you don’t need to buy tons of supplements or invest in pricey anti-aging therapies. All you need is the essence of life: bone broth.

Golden, nourishing, and delicious, you can enjoy it any way you want. Use bone broth in your favorite soups, curries, and more. Warm it and savor the pure broth whenever you want a restorative evening elixir.

You can even add Babs Unflavored Organic Bone Broth to your morning coffee. It has a neutral flavor that makes it an excellent addition to smoothies and coffee drinks.

Start adding this life-supporting elixir to your diet, and discover how good it feels to be well.

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