At BABS, we believe in keeping it simple 💪– just good bones, herbs, water, and fire! No shortcuts, no artificial pills or powders, just pure goodness from nature’s bounty.

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Sip the Goodness: Protein-Rich Mastery

Our bone broth gelatin is meticulously crafted from organically certified animals, raised by Dutch farmers. Enjoy the collagen protein, free from hormones, MSG, and GMOs. Take a sip with confidence, knowing that we are dedicated to quality and integrity.

What sets our bone broth apart is that it is made without the addition of vegetables or strong spices, making it suitable for everyone.

Potent Essence: Highly Concentrated Bone Broth

“Every food choice we make, including where we source our food from, dictates how we experience life.”

– Barbara Rubin, Co-Founder Babs

How to bone broth

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