Wild-Caught North Sea Fish Bone Broth

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Our marine collagen broths are sustainable and ecologically wise. To make our protein-rich fish bone broth, we use wild-caught fish heads and spines from North Sea cold, clean waters. We work only with artisan fishers, who follow conscious fishing practices.

  • 19.3 gr. protein per 100 ml
  • 440 ml glass jar
  • Frozen
  • The best conditions for thawing is in the refrigerator.
  • All frozen food should be thawed completely before cooking.
  • After thawing, the Fish Broth should be consumed within 3 days.


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Where our Wild-Caught Fish Bone Broth comes from:

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To experience the benefits of bone broth, it’s best to make it a regular part of your diet. That’s easy to do with our premium, organic bone broths. There is no limit to what you can do with Babs Bone Broth.


Warm at a low to medium heat. Add salt, pepper, and season with fresh herbs.


Use bone broth as the base liquid for any soup or stew recipe.


Pour a one or two ounces of PURE bone broth into your morning coffee or breakfast smoothie.


Add to any recipe, savory or sweet, for a nutrient-rich alternative to other cooking liquids.

Tips for Use:

Because our Bone Broth is made with natural ingredients and no additives, it can appear to ‘gel’ when cold. That’s a good thing! That means it is a powerhouse source of collagen and other nutrients.

To get your bone broth ready to drink, warm at a low to medium temperature. When it’s warm, you can sip, mix, blend, and savor in its liquid form.

If you have no gelatine: the bone broth might be liqued when you receive your package or when your refrigerator temperature is to high. Do not panic – just put the jars in the refrigerator and make sure the temperature is between 2 – 3 C.

what to do with this bone broth AND HOW IS IT MADE

BABS North Sea Fish Bone Broth is made from the collagen-rich bones of wild North Sea fish. We use the fish heads and spines, which contain important nutrients including a high concentration of collagen.

We simmer the fish bones in filtered water with organic vegetables and herbs for two hours. Because we strive to optimize the nutritional value of all our broths, we make sure not to cook the broth in a way that would destroy the essential omega-3 fatty acids from the fish. So, we keep the broth temperature below 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius) and simmer for a shorter time than our other broths. Our careful cooking methods are what set our Fish Bone Broth apart – the broth contains a huge amount of healthy proteins, omega fatty acids, and minerals from the sea that your body will thank you for!

Because of the high concentration of collagen and minerals in the fish, our North Sea Fish Bone Broth is one of the healthiest foods you can enjoy. Fish bone broth contains more nutrition than animal bone broths, including hard-to-find minerals such as natural iodine. With all that marine collagen, the nutrition is also more bioavailable. And finally, these fish are wild, so they are never subject to man-made processes during their lifetime.

If you love to cook, you’ll love BABS Fish Bone Broth. It has a lighter flavor than beef or chicken broth, giving it more culinary versatility. Add it to your cooked veggies, risottos, and soups for a boost of nutrition and flavor.

As we buy freshly caught fish and use different types of fish, depending on what’s the freshest and what the fishermen we work with decide should be caught that day, you will notice subtle differences in flavor from batch to batch.

Our Fish Bone Broth is frozen, not pasteurized, as pasteurization can destroy the fish oil.

Where the bones come from

All of the fish we use are organic and MSC certified. We work with artisan fishermen from the Good Fisherman association in The Netherlands. These fishermen are committed to following sustainable practices that respect the waters and help to maintain fish populations. They care about how the fish was caught, where it was caught and when. This thoughtful, respectful approach makes a huge difference in the flavor, which is why our fish bone broth is so delicious.


Combination of wild caught fish from the North Sea (heads, tails, bones); Vegetables: onions, carrot, leek, celery, garlic, white wine, thyme, parsley, bay leaves, Celtic salt, filtered water

All ingredients are certified and traceable.


Standard shipping costs and delivery time

– Shipping days: Monday to Thursday
– Countries: NL / DE / BE
– Products are cooled during shipment with sustainable eco-freezing bags

– When the temparute goes up we use extra hemp mats to keep the broths cool

– We use sustainable corn ‘plastic’ #noplastic
– Our broths have a high quality gelatin of all collagen, which is semi-solid when it is cold

  • The best conditions for thawing is in the refrigerator.
  • All frozen food should be thawed completely before cooking.
  • After thawing, the Fish Broth should be consumed within 3 days.

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