How We Source Our Ingredients and Create Foods that Nourish Body, Mind and Soul

There’s a reason Babs Nourishing Food products are so satisfying. We are not only committed to using the highest quality ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. We also know every step of the production process for every ingredient we source. We’ve taken the time to learn the story of each ingredient so we can share our whole story with you.

We are dedicated

to food transparency

One of the biggest challenges we all face today is in understanding the story of the food we eat. Where does it come from, whose hands tilled the soil or raised the animal, what processes and tools were used along the way?

If you think about it, we rarely know the full story. Unless you buy directly from the farmer or your local food producers, the story of food production, processing, trade, and transport gets lost somewhere along the way as food and ingredients from different companies and regions come together to form today’s mysterious end products.

we believe that to eat healthy, it’s important to know where your food comes from

Zorg&Natuur, Dirk – Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

As a result, consumers don’t actually know how their fish is caught, how their cows or chickens were treated, how the vegetables grew and were harvested, where it all happened, and by whom. Today, you can read the labels on food products and see terms such as pole and line caught, free-range, or organic, but this only gives you a broad idea, no story, no true glimpse of the background of the food you use to nourish your body.

At Babs Nourishing Food Company, we believe that to eat healthy, it’s important to know where your food comes from, how it was processed, and who was involved in each step. That’s why we carefully choose each farmer, fisherman, animal breeder, and butcher whom we work with. Our goal is to bring back the old ways of working with people, not brands. The days where everyone knew each other, before big supermarket chains and food factories depersonalized the entire process.

Goede Vissers at work, Jan & Barbara – Wild-Caught North Sea Bone Broth

Bringing back the human, personal element to food production and consumption may sound like a dream, but it’s not. 


With Goede Vissers, Jan & Barbara on the boat – Wild-Caught North Sea Bone Broth

How Babs Is Bringing Back Real, Authentic Food

We work with local farmers and small businesses only – no mega manufacturers with veiled production processes.

Butcher at work, Chris Dammers – Uw Biologische Slager – Unflavored Bone broth

At Babs, we take this respect for the individual producer and supplier seriously – we know each one personally. We’ve studied the work methods of our producers. And, we can say with 100 percent confidence, every individual we work with loves what they are doing and has a deep respect for Mother Nature.

We go out on the water with our fisherman, listening to them talk about their work with such passion, experiencing their values and ethic first-hand. We’ve learned about the art of fishing and know every detail of the process. As a result, our customers know how their fish was caught, from where and by whom. This conscious, short supply-chain approach ensures that our customer only enjoys incredibly fresh fish of the highest quality.

We also visit our butchers regularly to chat about their craft – this is how we know about the hard work they put in and the dedication they have for their craft. It’s how our customers know where the bones for our broths come from, exactly what type of animals are used, and who is involved.

The slaughterhouse we work with is a small family business that uses methods that respect the animal. We have witnessed how the animals are killed to ensure it’s a humane process.

Visiting Zorg & Natuur, Drenthe.

We’ve become great friends with the farmers who care for these animals – and they are the ones who transport the animals for the meat and bones, there are no unknown third-party providers in the supply chain for our broths and other nourishing foods. 

For our chickens, we took a long time finding the perfect farm. We finally found an incredibly second-generation family farm that follows organic farming practices. This farm is amazing, and the chickens they raise are truly special. These birds have a longer lifespan than other chickens, most likely because they’re able to walk outside their coops to graze, eat bugs, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine whenever they want. They are completely disease-free and are never given antibiotics. The chicken houses are clean – even their claws are free from damage.

And finally, we ourselves live up to the same standards of transparency and quality our suppliers and producers adhere to. As a company, we’ve made sure we are completely accessible – our customers can find us and visit our kitchens, and we’re always happy to answer any questions personally. We’re not just creating nourishing foods to sell, we’re quite honestly trying to change the world with one jar of bone broth at a time!

Farm Owner Bart Kok, Polderhoen, Lelystad – Chicken Bone Broth

When You Put People and Planet First, Everyone Profits

You see, there are two different ways of viewing the world. You can view our planet’s resources as something to be hoarded, manipulated, sold, and profited from. This is a linear, either-or mindset. Or, you can have a broad perspective and see the abundance we all can experience with a holistic cycle that takes responsibility for every step – every individual – along the way.

In a world that puts people and planet first, every step of the cycle matters, from the farmer to your table, and your health. That’s the reality we are trying to cultivate.

To us, it’s quality that matters. Not quantity. This is why we implement circular supply chains, doing everything possible to create zero waste and to make every step of the process useful to the whole.

When it comes to the animals we source, we use the bones, ligaments, hooves, heads, claws, and spines to make the most nourishing food on the planet. We render the fat ourselves and use the resulting tallow fat. 

And every batch of bone broth we make is completely sustainable. We never waste the life of an animal, choosing instead to use every nutrient-dense part, including the feet, ligaments, and bones that are usually discarded. Even more important, all our broths are fresher than what you could make in your own kitchen. We purchase bones from animals that have recently been killed. We only use herbs and vegetables that were harvested from one to three days before so we can extract the most nutrition possible. None of the ingredients is stored because we use them as soon as they are picked from the earth, fished from the sea, or brought to the slaughterhouse.

It’s just a part of our no storage, no waste policy. In fact, we envision the day when the concept of ‘animal waste’ won’t have any meaning because we live in a world that values the whole and finds a purpose for everything.

We truly mean it when we say we’re working toward a better, cleaner, healthier world for everyone. Our part lies in making nourishing bone broth and helping it become a normal, healthy, affordable part of everyday life so the health cost of collagen deficiency is finally a thing of the past.

We are local, traditional, and transparent. We love what we do and what we do for people. We are Babs Nourishing Food Company, and we’re proud to say that you’re going to love what our broth has to offer.