The real Bone Broth is high in protein, high in collagen

Golden, nourishing, and delicious. Liquid collagen straight from the source is perfect for drinking and cooking. Use our protein-rich bone broth in your favorite recipes. Warm it and savor the pure broth whenever you want a restorative elixir.

A great source of high-quality protein

Babs Bone Broth is made with integrity, organic ingredients, and the proper methods to ensure high-quality nutrients. We use only fresh, local ingredients and make our broth from animals that have been pasture-raised. You won’t find any MSG or GMO products in our bone broth, and our dedication to people and the planet makes us committed to complete transparency about what we sell.

“Every food choice we make, including where we source our food from, dictates how we experience life.”

– Barbara Rubin, Co-Founder Babs

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